4 Reasons why your business should be owning a website

The most common thing that we all do today before we visit any place that we have never been to before is to “Google-it”. And so as the customer or client we expect firms to have a website or their own social media pages with a steady and maintained presence. And so, the growing use of technology and the need for an online presence, has led most businesses today to start making their online presence known throughout in addition to relying on its physical presence. So if you are a firm without such presence, here is why you need to start making this change today.


With the growing use of smart phones and the freely available internet in and around different areas, today customers expect businesses to have an online presence. Whether it is on social media platforms or in the form of a website on Google, the expectation has reached to such a level that a business without one has its legitimacy in itself being questioned.


A presence online is a form of evidence that solidifies a firm’s legitimacy as it requires one to post images of the actual store, reviews of previous clients and whatnot. Researches have also found that most people in fact first read previous online reviews of people before taking the decision of visiting the store themselves. The pictures posted of the firm also allows the customer to build more realistic expectations of what to look forward. And this in itself also influences their decisions.

Less cost

Due to the popularity and growing need for businesses to maintain an online presence, now free website platforms that allow this opportunity are widely available. While the main features required to run the page come with no cost in the form of, there is an upgrading option as well that allows you further enhance the performance of the site for a much lesser cost than starting up your own. A perfect example for it is wordpress website customization Singapore.

Take control and make change

There is only so much advertising campaigns can do through mainstream mediums like T.V, newspapers and radio. However owning a website allows you to control and change the perspective that potential clients might be having of you. Sure, you can’t control what they have to say on social media, but you can always create your story to showcase it in the light that you want. On the other hand, this means is also much more effective than any other given the fact that it reaches a large crowd easily, in no time and with low cost from your end.

So consider the above reasons and start your site today!






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