A guide to the right corporate gift

As each year ends we are reminded that we should thank our customers for their valued patronage and express our sincere gratitude to our partners for supporting us through the year’sproceedings. Gifting is a social etiquette practiced in all parts of the world with some cultures giving it a great deal of importance than the others. Therefore if your clientele and customer base is inclusive of organizations and individual from diverse back grounds it is important that your gift complies with their cultural and religious beliefs. Gifts are a token of appreciation, an extension of goodwill that establishes the intent to continue the said relationship that is why it is important to ensure that you put your best foot forward when choosing and presenting same.

Anill chosen/presented gift maybring in negative vibes and compromise your brand’s name in general coz let’s face it. Nobody likes a cheapskate. So then the rules are pretty simple. All it has to be is:

A gift of good quality,

That resembles your organizations values and ethics.

While being aware of the receiver’s demografics.

How hard can that be?

Great corporate gift ideas

The key to great corporate gifts Singapore for instance is to be able to relate to the recipient, it is not a must to felicitate a client or a supplier but it’s a given that nobody is ever going to say no to a lovely gesture. Especially if it comes bearing gifts. A corporate gift can be smalltoken item, an umbrella, notebook or something even as simple as a pen. Anything that speaks for the commitment you have towards up keeping up the conditions of the relationship.

You can also opt for something seasonal such as a coaster to bring in the holiday cheer or go for a practical item such as a branded torchlight or a power bank, coz them somehow manage to stay hidden whenever you need one.

Here are some more popular corporate gift ideas.

  • T-shirts
  • Bags
  • Mobile accessories
  • Name card cases
  • Digital photo Frames
  • Office supplies

Presentation! A must

All this will do more damage than good if the recipient feels that no genuine intentions have been put to it. Corporate gifts Singapore give great emphasis to the staging of the entire process as the presentation speaks in great bounds as does the gift. Customers are often paid a visit at their residence or workplace or called in for an intimate ceremonial gathering which also acts as a platform to iron out any issues to be resolved and to discuss future dealings.

I think that is a great way to get about it, don’t you?




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