Build your resume from the time you are in school

When you are in school or college, you really do not think about things like resume or anything else in relation to your future. Mainly when you are in school, you only think about your group of friends and your collective interests but you do not think about yourself as a person. This is one of the reasons why you need to make sure that you concentrate on yourself when you are in school and college. Often, kids are unsure on what are the qualities that will look good on their resume. Here are few tips to help you build your resume.

Things you can do in school

You should make sure to get into clubs that hold your interests or you can excel in or you can be involved in some sorts of sports. It will be great if you can present your school in some intra-school and inter-school competitions. Apart from this, you can be involved in projects like bake sales or other things that raise money and other funds and things for the less fortunate. You can go to camps in summer holidays. There are different varieties of camps available for school going students during summer holidays. If you are not interested in these above mentioned paths, you can always find part-time jobs through cafe crew recruiters portal Singaporeor no resume required vacancies.

If you are not interested in these, you can sign up as a peer counselor or be involved in planning committees. However, it is not a must and you can just be involved in academic endeavors and have a great GPA. If you are a helpful and resourceful student, your teacher will write great recommendation letters for your college applications.

Things you can do in college or university

When you go off to college, it is important to ensure that you keep getting involved in activities that you were involved with in school. There are college houses which could help you lubricate your later career. In college, it is not only about studies and grades, but you also need to find your area of interest that you will be working in. Therefore, while you are studying, you should make sure that you find internships – paid or not. These internships should be in the work space you are planning to work in after graduation. These internships will also help you when you are planning to apply for jobs.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, you can also make sure that you speak to someone who is currently working in the area of your interest and get information about skills and knowledge required to get hired. It is also important to ensure that you are well read and have knowledge about the research and publishing in your area.





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