Factors to Consider When Selecting Accommodation on a Business Trip

You might hate travelling on business since you will have to be away from family, alone in a hotel room, running into meeting after meeting. But while you are there, it is better to be in comfort so that you can crash in and call it a day. You might get the luxury of choosing your own accommodation but sometimes your company will book it for you so you really have no choice. However, if you do have a say in the decision, pay attention to these factors.

  1. One-stop shop

Running from one place to another to get things done isn’t very pleasing on a business trip. Have all amenities right at your feet at the hotel will makes things so much easier. You can save a lot of time on if your hotel provides cafes, gym, restaurants, bars, and places to hold meetings, video conference facilities Singapore etc. so that you can carry out your day’s activities smoothly. Check if they have laundry facilities too since you might need to suit up neat and tidy for your meetings. Laundry is overlooked by many, so pay attention to it when selecting the hotel.

  1. Unlimited Wi-Fi

What will we do without Wi-Fi? Absolutely nothing. It might be obvious that almost all hotels provide Wi-Fi however what they don’t advertise is the extra cost you have to incur and the maximum limits. So double check on that since the last thing you need is for the Wi-Fi to run out while you are checking important emails. Also, you will need internet to stay in touch with people, since roaming charges are sky high. Make use of calling apps so that you can talk to them through Wi-Fi.

  1. Low cost

Remember you are going on business, not on holiday. So a flat screen TV with 100 channels, a beautiful scenery out the window and spa sessions aren’t really needed. Stay away from popular attractions since this will increase you price immensely. Tourists would love such hotels but you don’t really need it. Such hotels will always be busy but you would rather need a quiet and peaceful place that you can get your work done with no hassle. Unless you employer has given you the opportunity to stay at a 5 star, don’t go for them. There are enough and more 3 and 4 star hotels that will just serve the purpose, giving you a friendly service and all the amenities you need. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go into a cheap unfamiliar hotel that lacks security.






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