Four Signs You’re Tied to a Toxic Relationship

Looking for a real relationship these days is like finding for a clone of your favourite celebrity crush on EBay readily available for purchase. And that’s why most of us regardless of how toxic a relationship can get, we tie a string to it and hold on, hoping someday it will get better. After all, you’ve been together for so long, your zodiac signs say you guys are match made in heaven and your mother is a fan of your partner, so what could possibly go wrong? Perhaps the number of perpetual arguments are a teeny bit higher than the number of platonic conversations you two have had, but that was okay right? Oh also there’s tons of fights and constant complaining. But that’s normal right? Drumroll folks, it isn’t. In fact it only means you might be trapped in a toxic relationship and are putting a caution tape around your health. Here’s how to know if that’s the case.

Criticism and Verbal Abuse.

Check again. Does your partner constantly criticize you and make you feel like you’ve been wrapped with a thick blanket of shame and insecurity? Now that doesn’t sound like the prince charming you thought he was. If one of you or both of you keep putting each other down and embarrass the other in front of a crowd, it’s actually unhealthy. This is also when he or she is uses verbal abuse and tries to shame you with biting sarcasm and lots of ugly swearing and threats.

Passive Aggressive Behaviour

This kind of behaviour usually revolves around giving the silent treatment. Whilst silent treatments and ignoring each other is completely fine if it’s rarely done or only stands for a short period of time, your relationship can also be prone to a disaster, if your partner keeps stone walling you and shuts down responses repetitively. If fights usually end up in unsolved resolutions and hours are spent with short comebacks and indirect responses then chances are likely you’re in a toxic relationship.

Lack of Honesty and Respect.

Trust and Honesty can act like the pillars of your relationship giving it a firm foundation. “Lying becomes a problem when you start to realize you can’t trust your partner because he or she lies so much”. Says Pawnee  Davis, a divorce attorney. Where you both are open and value each others opinions you’re up for a healthy relationship. If you’re married and feel like you’re walking on eggshells, hiding a lot of things, consider signing up for a session of marriage counselling to know how to be more open with your partner. More secrets and more lies only mean there’s soon to be an ex in your life.

Competition And Jealousy

To be in a relationship isn’t like being in a basketball game where the two of you are in two different teams trying to score better than the other. You can’t be reading your resume of good deeds and  constantly keeps tabs on each other’s faults, and if you did then it’s time the book of good deeds are dumped in the bin because if not, it’s a sign you’ve turned against each other. Also if most of your chats are concerned with ‘where are you’ s and who you are with, then you need to understand that the world doesn’t revolve around you or your partner and both of you have a life.




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