Hacks On How To Save Money On Drinking Water

Your house has various water resources which can come from the bathroom or kitchen. But just like most people, you will not dare drink it, especially if it is not filtered. This is the reality of most Americans and the quality of tap water is not safe for drinking. As such, millions of people are spending their money to buy bottled water. However, buying bottled water only wastes your money. You are also contributing to the massive garbage worldwide. The bottles fill the oceans, beaches, and waterways and affect the marine animals. With this, here are some of the ways on how you can save money on drinking water while saving Mother Earth:

Stop your Habit of Buying Water Bottles

It is convenient to buy bottled water since you can bring it anywhere you go. However, it is an unnecessary purchase, unless you have a man-made or natural disaster in your community where the water sources are contaminated. Sadly, many citizens agree with the idea that the quality of water in bottled water is better. Instead, you can buy water in bulk or wholesale water. With this type of water, you can save some money and minimize trash. You can have a water cooler and ask for delivery to your house.


Produce Clean Drinking Water

There are ways you can try at home to produce clean drinking water. Example of which is through boiling, distillation, of filtration. This will require some effort and time, but it is an effective method to save money on water.


Invest in Water Filtration System

Apart from buying water in bulk, you can also invest in the installation of the water filter system inside your house. You don’t need to put filters in the shower or bathroom. You can install it in the kitchen or countertop. With this, everyone in the family can have access to clean water. Buy water bottles and refill it instead. If you bring your own tumbler at school or at work, you can save money from buying water bottles. Meanwhile, water filters can remove the harmful chemicals in the water. It can aid you to have soft skin and hair in the long run. You can also prevent white spots in your dishes and appliances due to hard water.

In sum, the tap water of modern homes is generally safe to drink. If you are unsure of its quality, you can invest in a water filter system. Example of this is a reverse osmosis system. This can kill the virus and bacteria present in the water which is invisible in the naked eye. With this, you can save money, help the environment, and be healthy.






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