How to Make Modern-Day Websites Mobile Friendly

Is your website mobile friendly? Mobile friendly websites have become increasingly popular as they symbolize convenience and efficiency. When you start your venture into the world of online business, it is easy to focus on traditional websites and forget solutions that cater to mobile audiences. Worry not, here are 4 approaches you can take to make your content is more accessible to mobile users.

Mobile Version of Site

Here, you will be recreating your site to form a version that can be loaded on mobile devices. The services offered will leave you able to load most features usually found on your computer website. However, these sites are of 2 different versions and therefore have added development and maintenance costs. Such sites are, at best, only a last-resort solution as they may give users limited accessibility, content and opportunities.

Responsive Site

You can get a responsive website cheap and it will give you a much smoother solution in comparison to separately-run mobile sites. Such alternatives use a single site than can be viewed smoothly on both mobile devices and computers through the use of readjustment. They are often considered extremely cost efficient as they save up on funds used for development of two separate sites. Therefore, this is an ideal solution for both companies on tight budgets and those in need of mobile solutions in general.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are more task-oriented and are best suited to users that only have a set of tasks to be achieved. This approach highlights efficiency and convenience since the specified set of tasks is usually set in a controlled setting. Typically, such apps are more costly as it is quite noticeable when limited resources and time are used to create them. Therefore, due to this added cost they remain a less used approach in terms of finding mobile solutions for users, unless the company has extended its budget.

Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid solutions involves aspects of both a mobile app and mobile website. For a set of specified tasks, users will access the mobile app but anything that falls out of the app’s jurisdiction will leave users to head on over to the mobile site.  The hybrid approach is essentially a combination of two other approaches but using this approach is highly dependent on the company’s strategic, long-term goals with regards to user engagement, as well as the company’s budget.

We are well within the era where use of mobile technology far outpaces that of computers. Therefore, it is essential for all companies investing considerable time into making impeccable websites to consider the consequences of overlooking/not catering to this vast audience of mobile users. The above 4 approaches work effectively in seeing to just this but your choice in which to adopt depends on your budget and business goals. Essentially, a Responsive Site would be the all-rounded approach recommended to all start-ups and small companies as it offers an adjustable setting for mobile or traditional users, at a reasonable price. The use of Mobile Apps or combining to form Hybrid Solutions is best thought of as an additional measure that can be taken to widen your reach once you have established your business.




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