How To Plan a Backyard Bridal Shower

In this day and age we understand that bridal showers tend to be grand affairs. They are either hosted in hotels or at exclusive restaurants. However, we understand that not everyone has the budget to afford such an event. But that does not mean you should avoid hosting a bridal shower altogether. Instead it means that you should look for more affordable options. One such option would be to host this event in someone’s backyard. Then you can easily save up a significant amount of money. We know that hosting an event in a backyard sounds like a fun an easy idea. But that does not mean you should forgo planning altogether. If this event is not carefully planned it can end up becoming a disaster.

Find The Perfect Time

We know that none of you are planning on hosting this event during the winter. That is because this is simply not a viable option. Instead you think the best time to host a backyard bridal shower is during the summer months. You are absolutely correct. But even then you need to find the perfect time to host it. That is because even with the replacement netting for gazebo   the summer sun can be unbearably hot. We know that none of you want the guests to sweat buckets and feel uncomfortable for the entirety of the event. Thus, that is why you need to find the time when the temperature is relatively low. For instance in some areas the temperatures tends to rise till about 3 p.m. Then you can plan to host it after 3. Thus, in this sense find the time that is perfect for your area.

Have An Area For Gifts

No one comes to these events empty handed. Therefore you need to be prepared to handle the gifts. That is because as it is an outdoor event one cannot simply place the gift in the first available surface they see. Instead we would ideally advise you to have an area designated for gifts. You can do so placing a sign named ‘gifts’ alongside some tables. Then the guests only have to place the gifts on these tables. This would make both the hosts and the guests lives considerably easier.

Have Décor

Simply because this is a garden party does not mean you should forgo the décor. Make sure to hang a sign proclaiming this event to be a bridal shower. Furthermore, you can even hang some balloons to make this event more festive. If it is hosted near the evening time you can even hang some fairy lights.

Thus, with the help of this guide you can easily host a bridal shower.





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