Items needed to start your newborn infant photography

New parents are very excited when they have a new addition to their family. The parents will be able to capture their joy and happiness with the baby in their arms. As a photographer, this is a very rewarding job for one who decides to follow this particular career path.


If you are going to start as a newborn photographer, then you need to be well prepared. This means that you need to be have a plan, get the help you need and also get yourself the equipment that is necessary.


If you need a list of things that is required to start your photography business, then here is a list. Do not forget, that if you do everything right; you can be listed as a newborn photography studio Singapore.


A camera

Get yourself a very good professional DSLR camera, as this is the most obvious thing that is needed. You will need to get the best that you can afford when you start but when you have the funds, it is very important that you get a better one when you can afford it. Look at the specifications of the equipment you are buying and also that the images would be of high definition resolution quality.



When you are starting off, a standard lens is fine. But if you want to get a better lens, then consider getting a prime lens, which has larger apertures, which is helpful so that you do not have to use the flash when the newborn is sleeping. With the prime lens, you are guaranteed to get the best quality images. When taking photographs of the toes, fingers, lips and eyelids the prime lens will ensure that no details will be lost. These are details that every newborn parents will want.



Since it is advised that flashes are not used on the newborns, make sure that a pop-up reflector is used so that the best natural light can be used to capture the photos. You can ask someone to assist you in this case.


Soft box

If natural light cannot be directed at the newborn using pop-up reflectors you can get soft boxes. These lighting boxes create a very soft lighting, which will not harm the baby.


Props are a great way to make the picture brighter and classier. When you are taking pictures of infants ensure that the props are appropriate in the first place. Items such as stuffed animals, blankets, hats, headbands and angel wings that are size down for infants.


There are many other things that are needed, but to start off the above items are adequate. Have fun and feel good about taking these photos.






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