Make your office a pleasant place

We spend most of our time at the “office”. It could be an open area, a six-by-four cell, a separate cubicle or even a corner office overlooking an ocean. Whichever it is, making it a nicer place and a pleasant venue to return everyday is our own responsibility. Most are not happy at the prospect of returning to office every day. But it is us we must blame for that.


Although how much ever the “place” is changed if your attitude towards it is not changed then the physical change is not calculated. So first make sure you like what you are doing. This has to come through your education and the conscious decision you made choosing the career path which you are in now. Even though changing career paths is not easy, working on something which you hate is less productive than the effort you will have to exert to start anew. You can also follow a parallel path to start a new job, for example if you are in software engineering and not happy about it, you can easily switchto project management or business analysis, however it won’t be the same if you want to move to marketing or finance.


Relationships with co-workers


Another matter at an office is that there are so many colleagues; some are bosses, some subordinates, fellow employees and so on. An organization is made up of humans; they are the most important resource in a company. That is because no matter how modern your equipment are, unless the company is full of robots, those have to be operated by humans. So you also must remember that keeping a good relationship going with them. You are one of them, they are your brothers and sisters at the work place. Some try to outsmart others and make enemies; some try to tell tales and make a name for themselves. But one thing you must remember is that unless you keep peace among everyone, you are not getting anywhere within the company.

Physical space

After all your human and emotional attitudes are corrected, you can turn towards having a nice place at work. You can make your desk and surrounding cleaner. If you don’t want to keep family and loved ones phots on the desk, go ahead and buy terrarium Singapore; plants can bring peace of mind and greenery is a good aversion from the computer screen for the eyes.

It is said that rather than blaming the dark if you can at least light one lamp, it is the best thing to do. So try to make the place you work the best place you want to return to.




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