Making your life in foreign soil

As much as we love out motherlands, there are difficulties that just aren’t going away. It could be the weather, natural disasters, people’s attitudes and so on. This sort of predicaments make people migrate to make their lives in other successful countries. When scrutinized closely, it can be seen that what people feel and how they act towards success in businesses and life in general, in these countries, has a lot to say about their success.


Choosing a country to move in to


As Asians we prefer another Asian country over the west. That is perhaps the climate issues in the far west and European countries; perhaps it is the culture. Wherever we go, we like to have our own rituals followed in marriage, birth of new lives, death and so on. In tying the knot, we look for a temple and a priest. If the couple has a new baby, they will take him or her first to the temple. If a parent or old relative dies we look for casket packages Singapore   to complete rituals of our own. Therefore somewhere all this is possible should be chosen, if, and only if, you give priority to the religious background and formalities in your life.

Why they are important for success?


One might think, why should we think so much about following the religious activities even when we are in a foreign land? We came here to do a business, or looking for a better job, spending time and money to replicate all what we did back home, is a waste of resources. However, one thing you must remember is that you are what your culture made you. Youcan’t simply forget the roots and then think of asuccess in another country. Surely, even if you do not trusty in god in general, when something goes wrong, who would you remember? The almighty is always in the minds of people; if you do good, good will come to you. Following old rituals, maybe doing them to appease an older relative, is a good deed which you can surely do.

Success stories


We hear a lot of success stories around the world about people who made it without noone’s help but with their courage and hard work. When starting anew at a foreign country, you also will have to believe in your strength and ability to withstand any strong wind which comes your way. It is best to have a proper plan of what you are going to do during each time period; when you first arrive, you can’t look for fancy accommodation and rent-a-cars. With time you can get to know the city and country; if you are in Singapore the relative space you have to be familiar with is even smaller. You have to get to know people; make friends and plot your journey up the career ladder or to have a number one business.


Even though you leave your own country, do not forget it. You can still help your own countrymen when you become a successful person; you can share the success story and be an example to others.




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