Marathon training: what you need

Trainings, it makes you better, stronger, faster, and be able to endure more when the big race comes up. It’s all about improving your game, improving your capacity and make it higher. Although there are days in trainings, or most of the training days we would just want to slack off and relax at home. Well, whether you are a marathoner or just a person who wants to improve their performance and health, these are the essential gears that you must have in order to be motivated all day, and every single training days ahead.

Water bottle belt

In every run, water is the most important element that a person should have. This not only keeps you hydrated, but it provides you with the energy boost that you need as well as lessens the tendency of you getting the cramps. For runners, a better way to carry water with you is with a small bottle that you could hang tightly on your belt rather than carrying a big bulky water bottle that just adds up to the difficulty of running. And even if the bottle could only carry a few mililiters of water, it is still able to provide a decent amount to help you finish your run.


Pump up your run by listening to your playlist. Trainings or even regular running days could be really boring, especially when you do not have someone to run with, which is why it is a great gear for a runnner to bring with them are true wireless earphones. What is great about having these earphones is that you do not have to go through the irritation of the cords getting in the way or bouncing up and down your shoulders, which makes you more focused on your run rather than trying to find a way to keeping the cords affixed.


Keep track of the miles you were able to run and the time elapsed to do it or the time you spent in order to finish your course. It also helps you monitor your heart rate, choose your songs, check your breathing, and you could download all the things that you want in order to help you with your run. It is definitely a great gear to help you improve and monitor and compare your performances.

Whenever you train, always be sure to gear up with the best ones out there that will really boost your performance, and help you motivated all throughout the process because the key to success is to be completely motivated and be focused on your goal. Here’s to reaching the finish line.




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