Reasons for Shifting To SOLIDWORKS

Are you having troubles with your current design software? Do you intend to make your 2D designs into 3D? How about converting it fast? If you are in a firm for engineering, architecture, and the likes, then most likely you have heard of SolidWorks. It is a software that allows you to design a solid model on a computer. It is sometimes referred to as CAE or computer-aided engineering computer software. And if your company has never even heard of this, here’s why more than two million designers and engineers around the world prefer this program.

Fast and Efficient

SolidWorks allows you to visualize whatever you are designing with a solid model that you can check on many different angles. And however far it may take you in the designing process, you can still edit out anything and updates with the other components. The reliability is high in terms of translating 3D models into 2D and vice versa. When you update either of the design, then the other registers this change and updates as well. Instead of creating a solid model from the 2D, you can save time by skipping that conversion process when you use SolidWorks.

Realistic Viewing

Not only it makes good solid models, SolidWorks also provide realistic rendering of your 3D models that will give you an idea of how it will be made in actuality. You can even make changes with the 3D designs that lets you visualize the modification you just made. You won’t need to produce a lot of prototypes when you can check each component in the design with high accuracy of the materials with the actual ones. It increases the efficiency in the design, and it is also a good presentation for the clients.

Simulation Accurate

If you want to know how your design can comply with the laws of physics, there’s no better simulation than what the SolidWorks can do. With this solidworks 3D software, you can validate how your design will hold up in actual-world circumstances as early as you are designing them, so you can make adjustments head on. You will see if something there are unbalanced loads, or how they resist extreme weather conditions. It makes your design safe and reliable. This program contains information about the specifications of the material, which also gives you an idea as you proceed with your design.

If you want to increase the efficiency while saving a lot of time, SolidWorks is a better solution for both 2D and 3D design problems. Not only that, it increases the reliability of your designs.





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