Safety tips for construction workers in Singapore

It is no secret that the construction industry includes a number of professions which involve a high level of risk compared to most other industries. Each year, scarily high numbers of accidents and even deaths are reported from around the world. In a booming metropolis such as Singapore where new constructions are sprouting up almost every day, workers must make an extra effort to take care of themselves and those around them by performing their tasks as carefully as possible. In this article, we will look into a few safety measures that you must be mindful of when working in the risky environment of a construction site.

Handle heavy machinery with care

There are a number of heavy machinery that operate in building site and most of these pose a real level of threat to everyone if handled with lack of vigilance and attention. Even because of a machine as common as a concrete bucket Singapore construction workers end up with injuries. Failure to secure attachments to cranes when moving such equipment has been identified as the reason for these unfortunate incidents and we can avoid them by taking the time double check the fittings before proceeding with the tasks.

Maintain posture

Another common cause of injuries in building sites is the improper posture maintained by the workforce when performing tasks such as lifting heavy objects and carrying them. Engaging in these activities in such a manner for an extended period of time can cause terminal disabilities or even worse. Make sure you keep your knees bent when lifting anything heavy and avoid starting your back too much. When carrying them, avoid swaying from side to side and keep your backbone straight at all times. This way you can prevent a lot of painful experiences.

Safety gear

Wearing the right safety apparel in such a risky working environment is mandatory and all the workers must follow these regulations. However, many of the accidents that occur every year are as a result of not wearing the recommended safety gear when performing dangerous activities. Hard hats, high visibility clothing and safety boots must be worn for pretty much all operations while for some, these apparel alone will not be enough to ensure safety from the potentially dangerous working conditions. Therefore, be sure to rely on equipment such as noise cancellation ear muffs, respiratory masks, high grip gloves or safety goggles when engaging in any activity which requires them. The employers are responsible for making these equipment available for the employees and they must also give proper instructions as to how they must be used, when they must be used and inspections must be carried out regularly to check whether all of them are functioning properly so that replacements can be made when needed.




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