Steps to Take Care of Elderly Parents

Your parents will need extra care as they age, just as the way you needed extra care when you were a kid. It is your responsibility to make sure their retirement years are spent healthily and happily. No matter where they are, be it your own home, their home or an elderly care facility, you will need to put up effort to ensure their wellness. So here are some of the easy steps to follow.

  1. Plan ahead

Someday or the other you will need to take care of them and hence planning ahead and starting early is the best decision. Even if your parents are still well off on their own, it is always better to save up for the future and for any emergency such as an unexpected fall, accident or serious illness. While financially preparing yourself, look into other aspects too, especially if they will be under your care 24/7. Have an emergency plan in place; have a proper first aid kit ready for use, post emergency medical phone number around the house, install supportive handrails etc. Make use of technology to estimate expenses, keep track of their blood pressure, sugar levels and activity levels, install special smoke detectors etc. Caring for the elderly is quite expensive and hence you can look up government grants or no interest loans.

  1. Opt for a caregiver

Home care nursing is an ideal option to look at. A caretaker will attend to all needs of the elder and ensure he or she is in excellent health. They can give them medicines on time, take them out for walks, and make sure they exercise and stay active or even help around the household chores. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend time with your parents. Make sure you talk to them and keep them happy and feeling welcomed.

  1. Care for their mental health

This is a stage when they feel depressed and upset that they cannot do things alone like they used to. Most elderly parents will find it hard to accept that they need assistance and hence be repulsive about it. You need to handle them with care, give them all the love and make sure they don’t feel alone. Respect them and take their opinions into consideration since though you may be educated but they are wiser due to experience. Listen to their stories and learn from them. Encourage them to take up a hobby so that their mind stays occupied in something they love. Even you can join in if you are interested.




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