The pros and cons of starting a charity

There are many non-profit organizations and fundraisers that have been registered officially to continue their charitable work to the community. For certain organizations, it is not mandatory that you register. If you are a registered charity, then you will have some major pros. However, when there are pros, there are also, cons which will be quite significant to the cause as well.

It is important that you understand both the pros and the cons of establishing a charity, in order to become successful like the Mariyam and Bashir Dawood, The Ramblers or even Marie Curie charities.

Here are the advantages of starting your own non-profit organization:

  • You will be able to get people that you are working closely with to understand that the charity is a genuine one. This will also ensure that you can get more donations or even time spent in order to help the charity fulfill their mission. It can lead to organizing more fundraisers and therefore, reaching out to a larger audience as well.
  • In the similar capacity, other agents, suppliers and organizations will be willing to give the organization priority and you will be able to approach potential parties. You can work out and negotiate plans for working together.
  • If your non-profit organization is unregistered, then you will be able to enjoy a few benefits in terms of tax. This will lead to a significant impact to the finances of the organization. You will be able to implement strategies that will help you to increase the number of donations you receive and the number of helping hands that will get on board.


There are two sides to every coin and the following are the disadvantages of starting a non-profit organization regardless if you have been registered or not.

  • Once you register the charity, you will legally be obliged to operate based on the governing documentation in the set parameters. You will not be able to do all the activities that you want to if you are being governed by rules and regulations.
  • There might be limitations as well when you need to work with groups that will be beneficial to your activities and events planned. This will therefore mean that you will not have a beneficial relationship with parties that can make a difference for the cause if the governing rules go against it. You might not be able to involve your friends and family too.
  • You will not be able to get involved with any political activities or support any political parties.
  • You need to ensure that the registered charity will have a lot of paperwork to fill out and file.

So, remember to consider the pros and cons before starting your own charity organization.




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