Tips for using props for newborn photography

New parents want to ensure that the photographs taken by the photographer is up to their expectation. There are different ways to capture the sleeping baby. Props are now being used to make a great collection of photos. These props are very cheap and affordable, so they can be carried around and used wherever needed.


There are many props that are available at any baby photography studio Singapore based. Some of the props that are widely used are boxes, cute colorful hats, headbands, baskets, and a cheesecloth wrap.


Baskets or boxes which are vintage can be used to lay down the sleeping infant. If you go into a hobby shop or even the local fabric store, you will find many baskets around. You need to keep your eyes open for any garage sale or any special sales in stores where the boxes are available.


If you are interested in buying shallow containers, then these are very easy to place the baby inside. You can even put a few heavy items such as cookbooks, stuff it up with blankets and pillows so that the box does not tip over.


A little bit of texture can be added by using cheesecloth wraps that are very popular for infant photography. There are many colours of cheesecloth wraps that are available and in varying sizes which can be found at fabric shops you can decide on the lengths based on how you want to wrap the baby up.


Baby headbands and hats can be found in all baby stores. You can get them for cheap prices during clearance sales periods or opt out for making your own headbands after purchasing elastic stretch material. Approximately ten inches of the band will be perfect for the circumference for these small heads. You can also add a flower on to the band or even a few buttons which will make it look very cute. This entire thing will take about five minutes to put together.


The latest trend now is to use painted letters as props. These letters can be used to spell out the name of the baby or use the initials of the names. These painted letters can be placed along the basket or box. This ill add a nice classy touch to the shoot.


You can always add a few close-to-the-heart touches such as a blanket from the knitted from the grandmother. You can even add a few toys of your choice that you buy for your newborn child.


Have a good time taking photographs with your newborn.




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