Tips to get better scores on tests or quizzes:

Being a student is fun and at the same time stressful. Attending school is fun because you get to meet a lot of people and friends and join various activities. It can also be stressful at times especially when a student is facing challenges in his or her schoolwork. Going to  school involves taking quizzes and periodic examinations on all subjects and the last thing that a student wants to get is a failing grade or a very low test score.


Having bad or low grades at school can be caused by a lot of factors such as stressful conditions, poor study habits and family issues. If the student is constantly getting low tests scores his grades will definitely suffer and it may affect his outlook in life including his self confidence. In this article we will be giving students simple but helpful tips on how to get better scores on their tests or weekly quizzes.

First thing is to pay attention in class. Put your 100% focus during class lectures and make sure to take down important notes so that you can review them on your spare time. Avoid external distractions such as talking to your seatmates or checking your mobile phones in class.


Second is to ask questions, if you are having challenges about certain topics, make sure to write down a set of questions and take time to talk to your teacher to discuss things. Your teacher would very much appreciate your honesty and pro activeness to learn in his class. The more he will be able to guide you with your schoolwork.


Third is to ask for extra help. Some students are ashamed of asking help with their schoolwork. Nowadays there a lot of tutorial services that is being offered. If a student is having challenges with number he can enroll in some online math tuition courses to help improve his test scores.

Fourth is to review all notes after class. Some students spend too much hours studying just to get passing scores. But in reality you just have to keep reading your notes over and over again so it would be easier for you to retain all the information that has been discussed during class. Some students write down important notes in a stack of index card so they can bring it anywhere they go.


Fourth is to take note of your common mistakes from previous tests or quizzes. Usually teachers are giving back previous test papers. Compile them and take a look at your past mistakes and find out the correct answers.  There is a possibility that these questions may come up in periodic or quarterly examinations.





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