Top Reasons Why You Should Work In Singapore

Nine out of 10 overseas workers are happy with working in Singapore, according to reports. Indeed, Singapore gets the worldwide attention for personal satisfaction, top training standards, and productive medical system.

All in all, what precisely makes the City of Lions such a flawless place to begin your career or migrate your business? Here are the top reasons why you ought to consider working in Singapore.


Top Two: High Economy Around The World

According to the Global Competitiveness report released in 2014 and 2015, Singapore is the top two country with the highest economy. Many countries consider the report to be the most authoritative assessment of the well-being and prosperity of each state. It defines the country’s competitiveness through its policies and institutions.

In the case of Singapore, this country has high wages and low rate of unemployment. Also, they have awesome working conditions for their employees. Finally, the authorities nourish their businesses and they have a safe investment climate.


Lucrative Salaries

Singapore can afford to hire specialists from other countries as their economy booms. They offer high wages plus amazing benefit-packages to attract talents and skilled workers.

For example, software engineers can earn around $72,000 each year.  Meanwhile, physicians can receive around $80,000.

School teachers can earn $34,000 annually while restaurant employees can earn $1,100 each month. Thus, for those who wish to work in Singapore, make sure to apply for singapore pr now.


Tax System is Progressive

In Singapore, it is easy to pay and calculate your personal taxes. It will usually take around 30 seconds or less to submit the online tax return.

If migrant workers have already obtained a residence permit, the personal taxes in Singapore can range from 0% for those who earn fewer than $22,000 each year. Meanwhile, those who earn above $350,000 can be taxed around 20% of their income.

On the other hand, non-residents pay a flat rate of 15% of the income they have in Singapore. Furthermore, the earnings and property brought to Singapore are not subject to any taxes.

Getting a Work Permit is Easy

Finally, Singapore has only a population of around five million and each year the fertility rate is dropping. The country is interested in acquiring labor force and new residence, as such, getting a work permit is very easy.

If you already have a job offer, it will only take a few clicks to apply on the website of the government and wait for the result within the day.

In a nutshell, there are various benefits on why one should consider working in Singapore. Young professionals from all over the country who are starting with their career are flying to Singapore to experience a luxurious lifestyle that no other country can offer.




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