Types of safety boxes

One of the main reason why most of the companies or even households owns a safety box is to keep all their valuable items or even documents safe.  However the security of the item inside all relies on the lock system you will have to select when purchasing it. There are basically two types of safety boxes. One is electronical and mechanical.

Electronical Safety box

You will come across many reliable safety box brands Singaporeand in two different types. However when it comes for the electricalsafety box, it basically has an electronic lock and it also opens and closed with electric current as well. There are two major authentications process that people use in these safe boxes. One is Password and fingerprints.

Password is one of the most commonly used security method in electronic safes.  Since its much easier to use and remember as well. To use a password on these safe, it safety box comes with a keypad that has numbers. So basically the user has to enter the password he was given to which generally has 4-6 digits in it. When it comes to the pros of using the password safe, its quite simple and accessible to the users who already know the password and highly secured as well. When it comes for the disadvantages, it will be a bit costly and repair charges will cost a lot incase if you forgot the password.

Biometrics basically provides a much advanced security for the safety boxes. Since it is highly sensitive and it’s a method that will recognize a person without an error. However along with the finger print, voice identification, retinal scanning are most commonly used biometrics in safety boxes. When it comes for the advantages, It has easy access and you only need very less time to unlock the safety box since it’s just a matter of a fingerprint.

Mechanical Safety Box

One of the most commonly used mechanical safety boxes are key locks. However a good quality key lock will provide the same level of safety as most of the electronic safety boxes do. When it comes to these key locks, you should not go for cheap keys since it can be bought by any store easily.

Pros by using these type of locks it basically has a good security and affordable too. Incase if one key is locked, a duplicate key can be used and repairs doesn’t cost much as well.




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