What Exactly Makes A Luxury Hotel Worthy Of Its Name?

We all like to spoil ourselves once in a while with a nice relaxing stay at a luxurious hotel. The question remains as to whether we truly ask ourselves – what exactly makes a hotel luxurious? It’s surprisingly not all about the fancy exterior and interior décor, sure these things play a part but they do not define luxury itself but more accurately contribute towards it. Most people splurge a lot of money on properties they think are luxurious but let us explore what a “luxury” hotel would actually have to have to be considered in this elite category in the first place. High paying guests would have the right to expect a high standard in terms of comfort and facilitation to their various needs.

Seamless Check-In and Check-Out

Long queues at check-in can be a nightmare for any weary guest especially those who have travelled great distances to experience the services of the hotel in question. Guests do not care about check-in procedures, they absolutely hate long transactions at the counter. The best first impression is a big smile and a seamless check-in process, this can invoke a great deal of confidence in the customer with regards to your service and efficiency. A long drawn out check-in process will not encourage recurrent visits from your premier guests simply because they do not waste their time at the counter. With the introduction of Hotel staff who remotely check-in guests on their iPads, standing in queues for your room are slowly becoming a thing of the past especially in high-end hotels. It is the same at check-out, you want an express check-out service for customers, especially guests on business as they are usually in a rush to catch the next flight at the airport.

Plenty of Guest Activities

This is extremely important as the last thing you want is your guests stuck in their rooms all day bored with not having anything to do. A fitness centre is now an integral part for most high-end hotels. There should be standard equipment and professional fitness instructors on call at these centres to further enhance the experience. A social lobby area is seen as a must nowadays at luxury hotels as some guests just like to simply sit back and “chill.” Pools are fun and would be a great addition to keep the kids busy, I mean let’s face it, who wouldn’t like a nice cool dip in a pool on a hot day. And of course a concierge service team who really do know their stuff in terms of the local surrounding areas. Take Jackalope hotels, a prime example of a luxury hotel chain that provides a great deal of activities for their guests, both in terms of enjoyment as well as relaxation.

Worth Considering

These were just some things to consider when choosing a luxury hotel. Of course, there are many more. It is worthwhile to expect such services from a luxury hotel, as at the end of the day you are paying a premium price for such things. Know that there is value for what you pay, if not then all your spending would have been for nothing.




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