What makes Macbook different from Windows PCs

When it comes to buying laptop, you probably have a list of some categories you consider when weighing in which model will suit your needs best. And among these little considerations may be which operating system you will choose, and it basically comes down to two selections: a Mac or a Windows computer. If you are interested in knowing which is more aligned to your liking, here are some of the key differences of Macbooks from Windows PCs.

Variety and appeal

If you are a kind of person who considers the overall appeal of a laptop to be a major driver in decision making, then you can get a wider range of design builds in Windows because it runs on almost every laptop of different brands, while the Macbooks follow a pretty consistent design. So you will have more options if you opt for Windows laptop as they are not limited to a single manufacturer, whereas Apple is the sole distributor of the Macbooks. In addition, most Windows PC are more customizable compared to Macbooks’s desktop appearance. However, Apple products have very strong branding, as if it has become more of a status symbol since it costs way higher than most of its competition. But you must not overlook the fact that Macbooks like Macbook, Macbook Air, and Macbook Pro are praised for its reliable build and sleek appeal, compensating for how much you pay for it.

Operating system

One major difference between Windows and Macs are the operating system, of course. The Mac OS Mojave, Apple’s latest update for its computer lineup, like many of its predecessor updates, are popular for being simple in terms of navigation and task management. You get the classic dock for easy access of your top applications. However, most people are accustomed on the nitty-gritties of Windows-run laptop, which are basically on almost every non-Apple PC. The shortcuts and the whereabouts can seem more familiar on a perspective of an average PC user. For example, the Control (CTRL) function is more popular than Apple’s Command function. On the other hand, since Apple develops both of their OS and their hardware, they are more in control of the overall quality of the laptop, which makes some users more loyal to Macbooks. This is not like Windows-based PCs, as the Windows are being licensed to different companies who make their own hardware.


Another top reason for Apple having a cult following is that they have the most secure platform ever developed for laptops, since they manage both of their software and hardware. Most PCs are known for crashing and are deemed by most users as more susceptible and at risk to malware or virus infiltration. This is why Mac OS’s stability in terms of software and Apple’s reliable build design are perfectly matched with their encryption technology that also assures increased privacy of users. In addition, troubleshooting of Apple laptops, like if you’re looking for Macbook pro repair singapore, are more convenient in terms of support because of their consistency.

You may find yourself more drawn to a Macbook compared to a Windows PC, and if so, you will have many advantages of using such like build quality and stability. However, if you want variety and customizability, then Windows may be your ideal laptop. But your primary consideration is the device where you are most comfortable at, just a side tip.






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