What to do when your car is in the shop:

Owning a car is what a lot of people dream about because of the comfort and luxury that it brings in to our daily lives. However owning your own car means also dealing with a lot of responsibilities which include paying for annual registration and having it maintained from time to time to ensure that it is always in good running condition. But there are unavoidable situations wherein your car may experience breaking down in the middle of the road for a reason leaving you with no choice but to have it repaired in the auto shop.

In these article, we will discuss different options or temporary alternatives that any car owner can consider when his or her own vehicle is currently unavailable.

1.) Carpooling- this is one of the most common and practical solutions that we can use in case our car is not yet available. You can probably ask a relative,a family member or even a colleague if you can carpool with them for the meantime. If they agree to do this, as a sign of courtesy and to express your gratitude make sure to contribute a certain significant amount for gas money and toll fees. Remember that the person that you are carpooling with has to go out of his way and make adjustments to accommodate you on his ride.


2.)Rent a vehicle- If you are the type of person who often uses his vehicle to travel long distance it would be a great and a very practical choice to consider getting cheap long term car rental singapore in order to make things easier for you on you on a daily basis until your car is done with its repairs. There are a lot of car rental establishments in your area that you can choose from which can offer you reasonable or budget friendly rates as well.

3.)Commuting- Many people or long time car owners would not really like this idea. But if taking the cab on a daily basis is costing you too much money, then the best alternative is for you to take public transportation for the meantime. It may be a little bit of an inconvenience especially if you are used to driving your own car without experiencing the usual delays and hassle. But just think about it as a temporary setback and just keep making the necessary follow ups with your car mechanic or auto shop manager to get a certain date of when your car will be done with all of its repairs.




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