Why is workplace safety important?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to safety of the workplace. It is not only due to governmental or administrative regulations that you should keep the safety of your workers at a top level.Even in this digital age there are still jobs that will make people have injuries, therefore it is the responsibility of the employer to keep things safe and employees to follow the guidelines to be safe at all times.

Why it is ignored?


Sometimes we see safety at workplace is being ignored by the employers. It could be due to the costs they have to endure to guarantee a safe environment or simply they don’t think safety as an important topic. But think about a possible scenario of one of your workers beinginjured. What if a hand has to be amputated? Do you have any idea of how much that will cost, to replace an artificial arm? Worse case, what if a person does due to your negligence to set up workplace safety? Even though an arm can be replaced albeit by an artificial limb or somehow design something with modern prosthetics, there is now ay a life can be brought back. It is therefore important to remember that having the procedures in place is much easier and actually less costly than fretting after something happened.


Statistics speaking for itself


There are statistics of how many people get injured, fatally or minor injuries, and how many people actually lose their lives. In Singapore, forty one people have died of injuries sustained and accidents happened at the workplace last year and it is only one less from year before last. Understandably, construction sector remains where the highest fatalities occur. In a port city and a highly commercialized country/ city such as Singapore, safety guidelines to be followed are even more important. Statistic like this going public is not good for anyone; there have been 313 minor and major hurts reported and they are from trips and falls, slips and the like, which can easily be prevented.


Following the safety practices


In Singapore, all the offices and administrative steps are in place for companies to adhere to this. It is just a matter of applying to the right agency with the required details. Refer to the bizsafe company list Singapore to see how many organisations are benefitting from doing the right thing. Of course, when a firm makes their employees the priority, not only in safety but even in other matters, advantages such as productivity increasing, quality of service, good reputation in the industry world, less employee attrition, lots of applications for new positions can be seen easily.


No one wants to work with a company which treats its own employees bad. So be careful when you neglect what must be done next time.







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